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Anonymous asked: Are you on hiatus? >3<

Not anymore! I was though, I just didn’t have time to announce it because I really had no time to get on. I’ve finished my finals and I’m officially on spring break! :D I’m so sorry for the short absence, I’ll be catching up with Three Days now. I’ve heard new dramas have been out, anyone want to update me?

Anonymous asked: From what episode is the gifs that do min joo and cheon song yi are moving to another hosue?

It wasn’t in an episode. But it was supposed to be the full epilogue of the last episode, but due to limited air time they had to air it the following week.

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"On March 5th…the president will die."

"When I think about right now may be the last time I’ll see him…that moment, I can really feel that it’s precious.”

Impromptu Requests

In celebration of reaching 1,000 followers, I will be accepting gif/screencap requests of any scene from the You Who Came From The Stars (yay!). Any scene you want, from any episode. I know some of you still have the YWCFTS fever (because I know I do haha), so whatever scene that you think hasn’t been captured yet I will happily do. Please go through the YWCFTS tag on my blog to check if I had already gif-ed/screencapped the scene you wanted, to save me some time and work, lol. With that said, here are the favors I ask for when you make a request:

  • Please refrain from scenes that have been gif-ed/screencapped by others multiple times. I don’t think we need another set, lol.
  • I said certain scenes, but I’ll also be accepting mixed sets (i.e. shiiit Yoonjae says, Songyi English collection < btw these are already taken).
  • I’d appreciate it if the scene wasn’t super long. Though I always manage to fit them to at most 10 gifs, short to fairly medium time frames would be so much easier to work with.
  • No kiss scenes! Because I’ve gifed them all already lmao.
  • First come, first serve. Limiting to 10 requests. I’m going to start gifing/screencapping a new drama soon so…

And lastly, thank you all for following! Happy 1,000 followers! <3

"A long time ago, miraculously…there was a rabbit that found its way back home.

"That’s right. It’s me.”

[DL] Various Artists – You Who Came From The Stars OST [2 CD]


CD 1

  • My Destiny - 린 (LYn)
  • 별처럼 - 케이윌 (K.Will)
  • 별에서 온 그대 - 윤하 (Younha)
  • 안녕 - Hyorin of SISTAR
  • I Love You - 저스트 (Just)
  • 오늘 같은 눈물이 - 허각 (Huh Gak)
  • 너의 모든 순간 (Original) - 성시경 (Sung Shi Kyung)
  • 너의 집 앞 – 김수현 (Kim Soo Hyun)
  • 너의 모든 순간 (Piano ver.) - 성시경 (Sung Shi Kyung)

CD 2

  • Man From The Star (Opening Title)
  • Back To The Present
  • Cliff Tension
  • Star Bach Comic
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Pas Love
  • Star Comic Pizzicato
  • Dream Scenery I
  • Dream Scenery II
  • Mocha Comic Tension
  • Tears In Minuet
  • Missing You
  • Beethoven Revolution
  • Killing Tension I
  • Killing Tension II
  • Welcome To Earth
  • Star Comic Tension
  • Waltz With The Star
  • Stars Love Mambo
  • Space Love

One of many moments of a jealous Do Minjoon.