Long time no see.

Hey guys. I’m so sorry for not updating these past months, I know promised gifs of new dramas that came out in early May, but I unfortunately wasn’t able to keep that promise because college work took a lot of my time. It’s summer now too and I wish I can get back on, make gifs and post them but I’m taking summer classes and my priorities have been set. I honestly don’t know when I’ll be active on this blog again, but I hope after my classes end. I’ve also taken a break from watching any dramas because those things are so luring it might stray me away from homework etc. (Also because the dramas this year so far has really been unappealing to me…). 

Just wanted to let you know that I’m still alive, and thank you so much for still following and following this blog! I appreciate it so much ^^ I won’t make any new promises, but I really hope I do something for It’s Okay, That’s Love, just because it’s Jo Insung + Gong Hyojin, my ultimate faves :)

Hope to you see you all soon, I’m sorry for the unannounced, indefinite hiatus >.< - Elleina

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Anonymous asked: Did you watch the Baeksan awards omg


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이방인 (Stranger) - Bobby Kim

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이방인 (Stranger) - Bobby Kim

"They say that the heartbeat for each person is different. Just like there aren’t any two people with the same face. But listen, it’s the same as yours, right?

"What does the chairwoman usually do when she’s mad?"

Anonymous asked: What dramas are you going to gif next? :D

Definitely Doctor Stranger (Jongsuk is my love), a 75% yes for You’re All Surrounded; I was thinking of doing Hotel King, but…nah. I should’ve started on Angel Eyes, and I might still do it; Triangle and A New Leaf maybe (but I tend to not gif this kind of genre, I noticed).

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Anonymous asked: Wait you already did that ohohoho forgive this anon u.u

That’s okay, forgive me for not posting recently >.<

It’s a guy thing.

Anonymous asked: Are you on hiatus? >3<

Not anymore! I was though, I just didn’t have time to announce it because I really had no time to get on. I’ve finished my finals and I’m officially on spring break! :D I’m so sorry for the short absence, I’ll be catching up with Three Days now. I’ve heard new dramas have been out, anyone want to update me?

Anonymous asked: From what episode is the gifs that do min joo and cheon song yi are moving to another hosue?

It wasn’t in an episode. But it was supposed to be the full epilogue of the last episode, but due to limited air time they had to air it the following week.

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